The Kent and East Sussex, like most heritage railways, relies mainly on steam locomotives, both as motive power and as an attraction to visitors. The Railway has, nonetheless, a long history of traction by internal combustion. The Stephens era saw, of course, the early railcars and small diesel locomotives were used by British Railways. In the preservation era there has been little objection to the presence of diesels for shunting, for use on engineer's trains, for some off-peak services and in emergencies.

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Fleet No No Carried Name Operational Status
No 20     Undergoing Restoration
No 40     In Service
No 41     In Service
No 44 D3174 Dover Castle In store
No 46 D2023   In Service
No 47     Awaiting Restoration
D6570 D6570 Ashford In store
DMMU     In Service
TRAMM DR98211   In Service
Nos 48 & 49     In Service / Away on Loan
08 888 D4118   Undergoing commissioning