BR Class 08 Diesel Electric Shunting Locomotive D4118 / 08 888

08888 EWS

Ex BR/EWS/DB Cargo Class 08 888 / D4118 joined the K&ESR Diesel Fleet in December 2016, having been purchased by two long standing members, Mark and Chris Stuchbury.

08888 red


Built in February 1962 at the BR Workshops in Horwich, Lancashire, D4118 was initially allocated as a Western Region loco to 82A Bristol Bath Road, but in December 1964 was subsequently transferred to 85A Worcester. Spending the next 8 years working in and around Worcester, it transferred back to Bristol Bath Road in September 1972.

With the introduction of the computerised TOPS system, D4118 was renumbered to 08 888 in February 1974. In 1975, 08 888 was allocated to GD Gateshead where it was to spend the next 15 years shunting passenger, mail and parcels coaches in and around Newcastle, Gateshead and Heaton. In 1990, with the advent of sectorisation, the loco became one of three Class 08 shunters that was to be allocated to the newly formed BR Parcels Sector. All three were painted into a Royal Mail Red livery, with 08 888 being named Postman's Pride at Newcastle station in April 1991.

Towards the end of 1991, BR's Parcels Sector was rebranded Rail express systems (R.e.s.) and with Rail Privatisation following in 1996, R.e.s was acquired by the private English, Welsh and Scottish Railway (E.W.S). Within the ownership of E.W.S., 08 888 became a general user shunting locomotive, being used at various freight yards and depots throughout the UK, spending time at Immingham, Cardiff Tidal, Bescot, Didcot and latterly Hoo Junction. The loco was also modified and equipped with Remote Control equipment in the mid 2000's enabling the loco to be remotely driven by an operator based on the ground. The success of this modification was mixed and ended up with the loco being manually driven in the traditional way.

In September 2016, the successor to E.W.S, DB Cargo, decided to put up for sale their remaining 24 Class 08/09 shunters on the basis that they were obsolete and did not feature in their future business plans. 08 888 was viewed as one of the best locos available and had the added benefit of being located the nearest to the K&ESR. Following a successful bid by Mark and Chris, the loco was moved by road in December 2016 to the K&ESR's Wittersham Road Yard for onward movement to Tenterden. The loco required some significant work undertaken to recommission it, with the main emphasis on removing some of the Remote Control equipment as well as locating, purchasing and (re)installing it's vacuum brake equipment, which had been removed by EWS in the early 2000's. With all work completed, 08 888 was handed over to the Operating Department in September 2017. During 2018, it is planned to repaint 08 888 into a traditional livery that it previously carried.

08888 Foxcote


Weight: 48 tons
Engine : English Electric 6-cyl, type 6KT of 400 bhp at 680 rpm
Transmission: Electric. Two English Electric nose-suspended traction motors. Double reduction gear drive
Tractive Effort (maximum): 35,000 lb
Horsepower - 350 bhp
Max Speed: 15 mph 
Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0 diameter: 3ft 2ins
The locomotive is fitted with dual Air/Vacuum brake operation