CLASS 33 - D6570 (33052)


In December 1957 the Southern Region ordered 45 type 3 diesel-electric locomotives from the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company (BRCW). They were required as part of the general modernisation resulting from phase I of the Kent Coast Electrification scheme and given the SR designation ‘KA'. The number was later increased to a total of 98 including 12 special 'slim line' locomotives (designated KA1A) for use on the width-restricted Tonbridge-Hastings line. Based on the BRCW type 2's of the Scottish Region, the Southern locomotives had eight cylinder Sulzer engines and Crompton-Parkinson electrical equipment. It was from the latter items that ‘Cromptons', the well known term for the class, was devised. All were delivered to Hither Green mpd, beginning in 1959, and were allocated the numbers D6500-97. Nineteen were later converted to push-pull operation for Weymouth services and designated ‘KB' . The three variants subsequently became class 33/0 (KA), 33/1 (KB) and 33/2 (KA1A). TOPS numbers beginning with the class code were applied in 1974.

Initially, many were based at Hither Green with the KA1A's at St. Leonards. In later years the lower numbered 33/0s and all 33/1s were concentrated on Eastleigh and the remaining 33/0s and 33/2s at Hither Green. They were widely used throughout the Southern Region on freight, passenger and engineering services and traveled widely throughout the country on inter-regional duties. In the 1980's many were allocated to Stewarts Lane. Popular with staff and with enthusiasts, a number were named, including the K&ESR's locomotive. Widespread withdrawals began in the late 1980's but numerous examples are preserved or in service with some operators.

D 6570 (BRCW works No. DEL174) arrived at Hither Green in September 1961, having been driven south from Smethwick Works by a Southern Region crew. It was of the standard KA type, undertook the full range of SR duties and remained a Hither Green locomotive for much of its career. It was named Ashford at Ashford station on 15 May 1980. In latter years it was allocated to Stewarts Lane and was ‘stored serviceable' there during 1996, still wearing its BR blue livery. During 1997 a group of K&ESR members purchased the locomotive from EW&S Railways. The locomotive was subsequently restored to its 1961 green livery as D6570, but retaining its name and headlamps. It has been used for engineer's trains, train rescue and special days but is currently in storage in the Rolvenden Carriage Storage Shed.


Weight: 73 tons 10 cwt
Engine: Turbo-charged Sulzer 8LDA28, 1,550 bhp (continuous) at 750rpm
Transmission Equipment: Crompton Parkinson CPCG 391 B1 generator with separate windings on same shaft for traction current, auxiliaries and train heating.
Motors: 4 @ Crompton Parkinson C171 C2 motors with nose suspended axle being series wound, with flexible in nose suspension. Ventilated by two CP blowers mounted in the engine room. Continuous rating - 440 amps, 580 volts, 305hp output
Tractive Effort(starting): 45,000 lb max
Tractive Effort(1 hour rating): 30,000 lb max at 15 mph
Max Speed: 85 mph
Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo diameter: 3ft 7ins