clapham junc car aries 3 7 67

Image courtesy of Ernie Brack. Taken at Clapham Junction on 3rd July 1967

When the Wealden Pullman was first operated back in 1974, our volunteers rightly decided that it wouldn't be right for them to personally benefit from the gratuities left by customers. So it was decided that donations would be pooled into a restricted fund and used to make improvements to the train. In that way, our volunteers could continue to make improvements to 'their' train and these same improvements would benefit the customers too - everyone wins!

Thanks to the generosity of our Wealden Pullman customers, our pooled gratuities enabled us to acquire Pullman Car ‘ARIES’ from a garden in Devon. ‘ARIES’ was the very last Pullman Car to be constructed by the Pullman Car Company at Preston Park Works, Brighton. It was outshopped in 1952 as one of the Festival of Britain cars for the London to Dover ‘Golden Arrow’ service. You can learn more about 'ARIES' here

Whilst 'ARIES' had been well cared for in Devon, it was not in an operable condition and could not be appreciated by members of the public. At the K&ESR it is to be restored to its former glory (as illustrated above) and will operate as our third dining car here on the Wealden Pullman. Given the length of time since she last operated though, there’s a huge amount to do before she can once again welcome guests. We’ve set a target of £100,000 - and we’re more than halfway there! Every penny really does help - click below to make a donation to the ‘ARIES APPEAL’