No. 12 Marcia in an early green livery; she is now in blue livery

A diminutive locomotive which weighs barely 12 tons. Marcia's low pitched boiler, outside cylinders and tiny coupled wheels combine to create and overall impression of smallness, appearing as if for a narrower gauge, as indeed were several others within the 1287 class. It was constructed by Pecket and Sons of Bristol in 1923 (works No. 1631). It is an unusual design for a firm which usually specialised in robust saddletanks for heavy industrial work. The first owner was Marcus Bain Ltd who used here in their Mauchline,Scotland. Later she was in the Hands of the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co , Troon, Ayreshire . She was purchased from there by the Manchester Oxide Company at Pendleton where they had a small system serving a plant processing spent iron oxide from gas works to produce prussian blue. The plant was set up on the site of the disused Pendleton Collier screens in mid 1942 and the little Peckett had arrived at some time prior to 7th November 1943.

The Oxide company was taken over in 1948 by Hardman & Holden of Salford near Manchester but the plant ,rail sidings and locomotive continued in operation till the 1960s.  The Peckett was named Marcia after Marcia Clayton the wife of James Clayton the works Managing Director. The firm donated the locomotive to the K&ESR in 1962. She was later sold to a member and remains in his ownership.

Marcia back in the shed

Marcia back in the shed

In the late 1970s and early 1980s Marcia was in regular use at steam events at Bodiam, as station pilot at Tenterden and was often roving ambassador for the Railway at County Shows and other outdoor exhibitions. At Bodiam passengers rode behind a locomotive which seemingly worked flat out at 10 mph! Marcia was withdrawn from service in 1982 for a 10 yearly boiler lift and inspection. New watertanks were also needed. Restoration has proceeded slowly but steadily since, most of the work being undertaken by the locomotive's owner and she was completed in 2011, appearing on the railway on special occasions .Unfortunately her firebox was found defective in early 2013 and she now awaits repairs.


Weight 12 tons
Tractive effort 3,870 lbs
Cylinders (2) 8. dia x 12 in. stroke
Boiler Pressure 160 lbs.
Tank capacity 550 gallons
Wheels 2 feet 3 ins. diameter.