In keeping with the Stephens and Austen tradition of light railway operating, the motive power has come from a variety of backgrounds. Locomotives with Southern Railway or military backgrounds feature strongly, and all except one are tank locomotives. The civil engineering improvements allow larger types to operate than was historically the case. This produces, however, a dilemma. The nature and character of the K&ESR would make many locomotives appear oversize although acceptable within present day engineering tolerances. Against this must be considered the much heavier traffic the Railway now carries and the difficulties this can present to a small tank locomotive. The Austerity and USA classes represent a reasonable compromise, although being basically shunting locomotives they are not the final answer.

The Railway presently has a flexible policy towards livery and whether or not K&ESR running numbers are carried. Diversity is thought to help with marketing, particularly to a public which does not necessarily have specialist knowledge.

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Fleet No. No. Carried Name Operational Status
No 1 1 Gazelle On display in museum
No 3 32670 Bodiam Major overhaul in progress
No 8 32678 Knowle Overhaul in progress
No 11 753   Major overhaul in progress
No 12 12 Marcia Awaiting major repairs
No 14 14 Charwelton Major overhaul in progress
No 19 376 Norwegian In service
No 21 DS238 WD300 Wainwright / Frank S Ross In service
No 22 30065 Maunsell Major overhaul in progress
No 23 23 Holman F Stephens In Storage - Awaiting overhaul
No 25 25 Northiam In service
No 30 1638   In service
No 32 6619   In Storage - Awaiting overhaul
No TBA 4253   Undergoing major restoration