Freight And Departmental Stock

This collection of rolling stock is wide ranging. Some items have been obtained for their historical interest and others for their practical benefit. In recent years this distinction has become more formalised. The more historic vehicles are reserved solely for use on mixed or demonstration freight trains whilst their more modern, and more robust, counterparts are used by the Permanent Way Department and the Civil Engineers.

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Passenger Van Stock

Railway companies had a need for vehicles fitted with continuous brakes designed to run with passenger coaches at passenger train speed. The pre-grouping companies had a range of such vehicles to meet every traffic requirement. The Southern Railway eliminated the need for multifarious types by introducing two basic vehicles, a luggage van and a general utility van based on a design originating from the South Eastern and Chatham Railway. They were used to carry virtually anything, from milk in churns to circus elephants. Their main use was to convey parcels, perishable goods and other merchandise where speedy conveyance to destinations was essential. The SR design underframes have been in demand  for use with recovered four wheel coach bodies.

SECR/SR - Cavell Van