This vehicle was been built by the London & North Western Railway at Earlestown works to Diagram 17b design in 1921/22 and was delivered to the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway at a time when the railways amagamated in anticpation of the 1923 Grouping. It has been opened out at one end to provide an enclosed platform.

It was given the L&Y No  5945 and  became LMS Nº 135945 after 1923. It was acquired by the Army and based at Longmoor as No. AD49025. The van came to the K&ESR in 1969 and was stored at Bodiam. It returned to traffic in 1979 and subsequently ran a considerable mileage as a Permanent Way Department mess van. It has been laid aside for some years awaiting an overhaul whilst ownership problems were solved and deteriorating badly. It is presently undergoing a very extensive overhaul that will be heavily dependant on volunteer labour.